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needle roller bearing is a bearing which uses small clindrical rollers . They are used to reduce friction of a rotating surface.

Needle bearings have a large surface area that is in contact with the bearing outer surfaces compared to ball bearings . Additionally there is less added clearance (difference between the diameter of the shaft and the diameter of the bearing) so they are much more compact. The typical structure consists of an inner race (or sometimes merely a shaft), a needle cage which orients and contains the needle rollers, the needle rollers themselves, and an outer race.

Radial needle bearings are cylindrical and use rollers parallel to the axis of the shaft. Thrust needle bearings are flat and use a radial pattern of needles.

Needle bearings are heavily used in engine components such as rocker arm pivots

Needle roller bearing
A:Material: Bearing steel
B:Good polish & Rotation
D:High quality,good service

Needle roller bearing ,there is a series number of this product,and we can process as your requirement.Detailed technical parameter as follow:

KR KRV??Dimensions (mm)????????????DesingnationD*CD1D1G1B max.B1max.B2B3C1rs minEccentric
(e)Basic load rating??Limits of speed
(g)Dynamic CStatic CoKR 13KRV 131395M5×0.87102313?? 16KRV 1616116M6×1812.228.216?? 19KRV 1919118M8×1.251012.232.220?? 22KRV 22221210M10×1.251213.236.223?? 26KRV 26261210M10×1.251213.236.223?? 30KRV 30301412M12×1.51315.240.22560.60.60.35904501400087KR 32KRV 32321412M12×1.51315.240.22560.60.60.35904501400090KR 35KRV 35351816M16×1.51719.652.132.580.80.60.3585076010000169KR 40KRV 40402018M18×1.51921.658.236.580.810.35118012208500247KR 47KRV 47472420M20×1.52125.666.140.590.810.35163016907000386KR 52KRV 52522420M20×1.52125.666.140.590.810.351630169070000461KR 62KRV 62622924M24×1.52530.680.149.5110.810.4216022106500790KR 72KRV 72722924M24×1.52530.680.149.5110.810.42160221065001040KR 80KRV 80803530M30×1.532371006315110.52830370050001550KR 85KRV 85853530M30×1.532371006315110.52830370050001740KR 90KRV 90903530M30×1.532371006315110.52830370050001950

2) Package:export standard package or according to requirement.

3):Widely used in sewing machines,various gp-cars,fitness equipment,cars,motors,electric tools,entertainment tools,textile and printing machines,and also in engineering,hydraulic cyliners,forging machines,construction machinery.

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