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Changzhou YangFan Bearing Co.,ltd Main products are needle roller bearings , Water pump bearings, needle roller bearings, Cam Follower Bearings,Yoke type track rollers We supply any ball bearings and roller bearings along with all features and custom special made materials, sizes and precision ball and roller bearings on-line .
Engineering & consulting services are also provided in this website if needed, o .Furthermore, You will be able to locate popular and hard to find ball and roller bearings here in user friendly store to purchase any desired bearing easily and track the shipment through Your Account at Bearing Store. All inventory items are available in stock as are listed and priced in the bearing store .
You just select bearing you need then click and submit the order. Offers variety of Bearing and Related Products On-Line with easy and friendly web store and services. With No Minimum to Order any ball bearing and roller bearing You'll be able to browse and navigate to locate bearings right here...! at Your On-Line Bearing Super StoreNeedle Roller Bearings (needle bearing) is a roller with a cylindrical roller bearings, relative to its diameter, both the thin and long rollers. This is called needle roller. Despite its smaller cross-section, still has a higher load bearing capacity, therefore, especially suitable for the radial space-constrained occasions.
Needle contour surface in the proximal surface of the slight contraction. Needle and raceway contact line results can be amended to avoid damaging the edge of the stress.
Needle Roller Bearing characteristics and uses:
Equipped with a thin and long needle bearing roller (roller diameter, length 3 to 10 times the diameter of generally not more than 5mm), so the radial structure is compact, its diameter size and payload capacity compared with other types of bearings the same time, diameter minimum, especially for the radial bearing installation dimensions restricted results. According to the use of different occasions, may make use of, or needle roller bearings without inner ring and cage components, this time to match with the bearing journal surface and the surface of shell holes directly as bearing inner and outer rolling surface, in order to ensure the load capacity and operating performance and a ring bearing the same shaft or housing bore raceway surface hardness, machining accuracy and surface quality should be similar raceway of the bearing rings. Such bearings can only bear the radial load. Cylindrical roller bearings mostly consist of the cage, the rollers and guided by two capped edges on a ring. It is a separable bearing, convenient for it's assembly and disassembly especially it has the advantages in a condition that the interference is required and assorted with inner ring, outer ring and housing. The bearing of this type can normally take the radial load, on the other hand, single row cylindrical roller bearing with ribbed inner ring and ribbed outer ring can take smaller axial load or intermittent axial load, this kind of bearing has a larger carrying capacity of axial load compare with the deep-grooves ball bearing. The structure of the bearing showing that it runs very well under high rotational speed.


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